Walter Payton Rookie Cards

Let’s delve into Walter Payton rookie cards. These ‘cards’ offer a very interesting twist from the traditional sports cards we all know and love.

We will also explore a few additional memorabilia items that honor this iconic athlete.

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Walter Payton Rookie Card Guide

Walter Payton, widely regarded as one of the greatest running backs of all time, holds a special place in NFL history. With an impressive career that spanned 13 years, Payton left an indelible mark on the sport. 

His achievements, including his remarkable 16,726 rushing yards and 125 total touchdowns, make his football cards and memorabilia highly coveted among collectors.

To clarify, while the official Walter Payton rookie card is the 1976 Topps #148 card. There were three additional specialty rookie cards known as disc cards, all sharing a similar design.

These unique disc cards deviated from the conventional rectangular shape seen in regular sports cards of that era and adopted a circular shape, measuring approximately 3 and 3/8 inches in diameter.

1976 Crane Disc

Estimated PSA 10 Price – $275

Estimated PSA 9 Price – $75

Walter Payton Crane Disc

The Crane disc cards were produced by a potato chip manufacturer called Crane. 

These circular cards, featuring a white background and a close-up picture of Payton without a helmet, were part of a set that showcased various NFL players. 

The front of the card includes Payton’s name, team, position, and the NFL Players Association football logo. 

The green-bordered edges display player and NFL information, while the back features the Crane company name and logo.

1976 Walter Payton Coke Disc

Estimated PSA 10 Price – $1,000

Estimated PSA 9 Price – $250

Walter Payton 1976 Coke Disc

Coke released their own disc cards, which were attached to Coca-Cola products by a paper tab. 

The value of these cards significantly increases if they still have the paper tab attached. 

Similar to the Crane disc card, the Coke version displays a red border, the Coca-Cola logo at the top, and a Chicago Bears helmet on the bottom left. 

1976 Walter Payton Coke Disc back of disc

The back of the card includes the company slogan and logo.

1976 Saga Disc

Estimated PSA 10 Price – $1,500

Estimated PSA 9 Price – $400

1976 Walter Payton Saga Disc Rookie Card

The 1976 Saga disc card set is the rarest among the discs listed. 

These cards were distributed in limited quantities to schools in the Philadelphia School District during lunchtime. 

The front design closely resembles the Crane disc card, with the addition of four black stars at the top. 

The back contains various information and phrases related to the school district.

1976 Topps, Card #148

Estimated PSA 10 Price – $75,000

Estimated PSA 9 Price – $5,500

1976 Topps Walter Payton Rookie Card #148

Considered one of the finest football cards from the 1970s, the #148 Walter Payton rookie card holds immense value. 

It features a white border with a yellow outline and showcases a close-up picture of Payton’s smiling face without a helmet. 

The card includes a green football logo with the word “Bears” at the bottom left, Payton’s name and position at the bottom right, and his 1975 season stats on the back. 

Notably, this card also offers a clue about a mystery Bears player, adding an element of intrigue for collectors.

1976 Topps Walter Payton Rookie Card #148 back of card

Extra Walter Payton Memorabilia.

In addition to his cards, Walter Payton memorabilia holds great significance due to his untimely passing in 1999. offers various prized items for collectors:

Autographed Wilson NFL Game Football – $7,257.99

Vintage signed NFL Football

An autographed Wilson NFL game football, showcased in a glass case, serves as a cherished piece for enthusiasts.

Autographed Vintage Chicago Bears Helmet – $20,839.99

For high-end collectors, an autographed and heavily inscribed vintage Chicago Bears helmet stands as a noteworthy option.

Walter Payton Inscribed Helmet

’85 Bears Commemorative Framed Photo – $3,278.99

A framed 16-inch by 20-inch photo commemorating the ’85 Bears, adorned with 31 signatures, including Payton, Jim McMahon, and head coach Mike Ditka.

super bowl champs 1985


Walter Payton’s remarkable career and his presence in the football world make his cards and memorabilia highly sought after.

From his rare rookie cards to autographed items, each piece serves as a tribute to the enduring legacy of this NFL legend.

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