10 Most Valuable Michael Jordan, Baseball Cards

The name Michael Jordan is synonymous with greatness. From his time on the court to his short-lived stint in Major League Baseball, Jordan has always been considered one of the best to ever play the game.

His love of baseball came from his father, but it’s basketball that became his passion, but it’s hard to forget his skills on the baseball field.

Michael Jordan, Baseball Cards

If you’re a collector looking to invest in some of Jordan’s most valuable baseball cards (see also “All You Need To Know About The Baseball Card Hall Of Fame”), then this article is for you !

Take a look at our list of the top 10 most valuable Michael Jordan baseball cards (see also “What Is The Topps 1953 Baseball Card Set?“) and see if you can get your hands on any of these rare gems. 

1. 1990 SCD Pocket Price Guide #51

Value – $175

The 1990 SCD Pocket Price Guide card featuring Michael Jordan is one of the most valuable cards in the hobby.

This card was released during Jordan’s short-lived stint with the Chicago White Sox and features him dressed in a White Sox uniform on the front of the card. 

On the back, it references how he took batting practice at Comiskey Park and smacked several home runs during that session. 

2. 1994 Collector’s Choice #661

Value – base – $35, silver – $75, gold – $500

This card was released during Jordan’s second retirement from basketball, as he pursued a career in professional baseball. 

The front of the card shows a great action shot of Jordan “shooting” a baseball while wearing his Birmingham Barons uniform. 

On the back, collectors will find an interesting anecdote about how he once hit four consecutive home runs in batting practice while playing with the White Sox. 

3. 1994 Upper Deck Minor League #23

Value – silver, $90, gold – $300

1994 Upper Deck Minor League is one of the most iconic and sought after Michael Jordan cards out there. Featuring a great action shot of MJ in his Birmingham Barons uniform, this card shows why he was such a legendary athlete. 

4. 1995 Collector’s Choice SE #238

Value – $200

1995 Collector’s Choice SE is one of the most sought-after Michael Jordan cards out there. Featuring a dynamic action shot of MJ driving to the basket during his time with the Chicago Bulls, this card captures why he was such an incredible athlete. 

On the back, collectors will find various information from legendary Bulls coach Phil Jackson about how Jordan was able to control games and dominate opponents at will. 

5. 1995 Upper Deck Electric Diamond #200

Value – $1379

1995 Upper Deck Electric Diamond is one of Michael Jordan’s most valuable cards.

This card features an iconic image of Jordan soaring through the air with lightning-like speed and power, a sight that many fans remember from his days with the Chicago Bulls. 

The back of this card is signed by Jordan himself in gold marker, adding to its collectability and value (see also “Does Anyone Read The Back Of The Cards?“).

It also has the “Electric Diamond” parallel, which has become increasingly tough to find in high grade and commands a hefty price tag due to its scarcity. 

10 Most Valuable Michael Jordan Baseball Cards

6. 1991 Upper Deck #SP1

Value – $225 

1991 Upper Deck #SP1 is a highly sought-after card by Michael Jordan collectors.

It is one of the few cards featuring Jordan in his baseball uniform, and it shows a rare glimpse into what could have been had he pursued a career on the diamond instead of the hardwood. 

The card pictures Jordan in a field during a practice pre charity game between the White Sox and the Cubs. 

Although he never had an official at-bat in an MLB game, this card immortalizes his attempt to make it as a professional baseball player.

7. 1994 Upper Deck #19

Value – $600

1994 Upper Deck #19 is a classic Michael Jordan baseball card that showcases the basketball legend in his White Sox uniform. 

This iconic card shows Jordan running to catch the ball. It’s not incredibly rare, but it is difficult to find in top condition. 

8. 1994 SP Holoview FX

Value – $600

1994 SP Holoview FX is a unique and highly sought-after Michael Jordan baseball card. This 38-card insert set was randomly distributed within an assortment pack and featured a hologram across the bottom.

It also came in two versions: blue base or rarer, red die-cut Special F/X parallel. 

The red version features a foil background, making it quite a special card to have in your collection. 

9. 1994 Sports Illustrated for Kids Series II #270

Value – $300

This card is a seminal Michael Jordan baseball card. It was distributed as part of a 108-card set inside a kid’s sports magazine, making it a highly sought-after item for any collector. 

Its perforated edges make it easy to separate from the rest of the cards, although care should be taken not to damage the card. 

This card features a young Jordan in his iconic Chicago White Sox uniform and is truly an essential item for any serious Jordan collector or fan.

10. 1995 SP Top Prospects Autographs #14

Value – $1000

1995 SP Top Prospect’s Autograph features a young Jordan in his iconic Chicago White Sox uniform and displays his signature perfectly. 

It’s also important to note that the 1995 SP Top Prospects Autographs #14 was released before Jordan’s 1996 SPx autographed basketball card, making it a truly iconic piece of Michael Jordan history.


Michael Jordan baseball cards are some of the most iconic and valuable cards in the hobby (see also “Most Valuable Bo Jackson Baseball Cards“). From his 1994 Upper Deck #19 to his 1995 SP Top Prospects Autographs #14, these cards have become staples in the collections of many dedicated collectors. 

With an estimated PSA 10 value ranging from $600-$1000, these cards are not only incredibly rare and desirable, but also have a great monetary value. 

Whether you’re a fan of the GOAT himself or just a collector looking to add some unique memorabilia to their collection, these cards are definitely worth checking out!

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