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Recent Comments:

Thanks as always for your great site. At one time I had a good percentage of these cards, and I still have some of them today.


I love this site. It brings back such great memories of growing up. I’m 60 years old and started collecting in 1958. My favorite all time set is 1959. Back then we used to pitch cards on the front porches in the neighborhood. Condition never mattered to us. We rearranged our cards a dozen different ways and were never afraid to put a rubber band around them.


Thank you for putting together an informative and nostalgic web site. I believe you're right on target with your comments about the cards and society. I'm 58 and when I was a kid there wasn't money to spend on baseball cards, other than a pack or two during the summer, which always got lost a few weeks later. Today I enjoy putting together the Topps Heritage sets each year and always include a few original Topps cards from the original set in the binder. I look forward to your article about the 1963 set which is one of my favorites.

Martin L.

"My vote is for 1956.  Maybe, however, some recent card sets may be seen as classics 50 years hence.  What about last year's Topps' Finest? Topps had a particularly good year last year, if you ask me.  The retro-sets from last year were fun too:  Allen & Ginter and Goudey.  1956 was a very good year but last year was not bad either."


"I have a 1958 #52 Bob Clemente baseball card with team white letters-Pittsburgh Pirates in excellent condition.  It was a Christmas present from a relative yrs ago.  I have it in a hard air tight plastic holder.  I like this website. It is informative and fun to look at."