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1956 Topps Baseball Card Set - Topps After the War     
January 13, 2010

Topps had defeated Bowman in the Baseball Card War of the century.  Now that Topps had control of the market what would they do next?  Would they move forward with the full frontal assault that they had planned or would they choose a safer route and save the innovation for the future, if needed?     ...more

The Back of the Cards  - Does Anyone Still Read Them?      
March 9, 2010

Does anyone still read the back of baseball cards.  Some card manufacturers still go to great lengths to put interesting information on the back of baseball cards, but I wonder if people care.  I have found many memorable bits of information on cards, some of which I haven't found anywhere else.   ...more

1957 Topps Baseball Card Set - The Modern Era of Baseball Cards       
April 8, 2010

Where were you in 1957? It was a time that was very different from now in many respects, but similarities still abound.  The Topps set goes high tech with colorful photographs. A boatload of rookie cards of eventual Hall of Famers are in this set.     ...more

Will Baseball Cards Be Produced in China?       
May 19, 2010

Will the All American baseball card be produced in China? Given that American flags are manufactured there, I can't see why not. On the other side, will baseball become a major sport in China. Time will tell.    ...more

1958 Topps Baseball Card Set - Change Is Not Always Good        
June 15, 2010

1958 was a time of change. Change isn't always good.  This was demonstrated by Topps in the release of the 1958 baseball card set. While today these cards are considered a classic, not everyone thought so back then.   ...more

1959 Topps Baseball Card Set - Mistakes of the Past Are Corrected         
July 29, 2010

In 1959 Topps had been well into their monopoly of baseball card production. The previous year the design was lackluster and disappointing.  Would Topps remain complacent, or would they cerate another classic?   ...more

Baseball Cards for Cheerleaders         
August 11, 2010

Just about all other major sports have cheerleaders.  What about baseball? Where should they cheer?  How should they cheer?  Should there be baseball sports for cheerleaders? It seems to me that cheerleading could be a popular sidelight to baseball games.   ...more


Topps 1960 Baseball Card Set - Baseball Cards in Camelot         
September 8, 2010

The sixties started mildly. Fifty years ago it was. Doesn't seem that long ago. No one could predict at the time what the sixties would be like, but the world was changing rapidly and the youngsters who were collecting baseball cards in 1960 would soon have a dramatic effect on the country and the world.   ...more

The Golden Age of Baseball Cards - How Did It Really Begin?         
October 19, 2010

While we have officially declared the beginning of the Golden Age of Baseball Cards as 1952, a large numbers of cards did not first get purchased until the mid 1950s as baby boomer boys latched onto a hobby that they could share with all of their friends. ...more

The Baseball Card Bubble - When Will it Burst?          
November 4, 2010

The commoditization of baseball cards began slowly in the 1970s and then increased rapidly in the mid-1980s, when kids bought cards and quickly checked the price guides to verify the return on their investments. The was a backlash as prices dropped.  Is it starting again with excessive production? is the bubble about to burst?   ...more

1961 Topps Baseball Card Set - To the Moon, Alice!      
December 3, 2010

1961 was a time of challenge. It was a make or break time that would determine the future of the country. Baseball was going through massive change.  Everything was getting bigger, faster and better, including the size of the Topps Baseball Card Set.    ...more