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The Greatest Baseball Card Ever

Topps #135 Mickey Mantle Baseball Card 1956 The Topps® Mickey Mantle baseball card #135 of 1956 wins the top honor for Greatest Baseball Card Ever.  While this card does not epitomize Mantle's greatness as a hitter, it does reflect his prowess as an athlete, particularly in the early 50's when his lightning speed legitimized his role as successor to Joe DiMaggio. The combination of action, fan interest and overall potential for greatness are captured in this picture.  The background picture shows Mantle with the ball in his glove, when, in actuality, the ball sailed over his head.  A few days later in the 1951 World Series Mantle would tear up his knee when his spikes would catch in a drain sewer while chasing a Willie Mays' fly ball. This card reflects what all Mickey Mantle fans believe.  Had he not hurt his knee, Mantle would have been the greatest player ever.  

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