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Topps gets it all in exclusive deal with MLB. What will this mean to Upper Deck? What will it mean to baseball cards? What will it mean to society? The decisions of the next few days will have an impact beyond that of collecting baseball cards. more. The future of baseball cards is virtual. Upper Deck and Flying Lab Software launched UpperDeckU, a new online virtual world where kids can create personal players, talk and play games. ABC News reports that a man needs to unload 1.2 million baseball cards from the 1980s and 1990s. Could he have picked better decades to have started collecting.
Honus Wagner Baseball CardDavid Copperfield rips up the Honus Wagner card of Wayne Gretzky. What if other people did the same?
Bill Simmons of ESPN The Magazine analyses The Golden Age of Baseball from his perspective.  As I mention often, the "Golden Age" is in the eye of the beholder. his article. Mickey Mantle - Hagen IllustrationView baseball cards through the eyes of an artist. Visit Hagen Illustration to see the Topps 1966 cards from a different perspective.
Education reform has been an issue for decades.  What role did baseball cards play in the past and what will the future hold for both baseball cards and education?  A visit to the past may provide some insight.   ...more Wait 'til next year is a common theme among baseball fans, especially those who follow the Cubs.  A new Cubs related baseball card blog may give White Sox Cards a run for their money.  Let's see how this cross town rivalry plays out. The Baseball Card Blog closes shop with a wonderful farewell using baseball cards and a "Casey at the Bat" theme.

Best of luck to Ben Henry for his contributions to baseball card collecting past and present.
Beckett Baseball Card GradingThe Internet did not exist and you were limited to getting opinions at card shows.  Very few dealers existed. Now people can buy a monthly magazine and watch the value of their cards change, or maybe not.  ...more How did it all begin?  When did baseball cards really take off? Why is this time so important? What were you doing at the time?  Were you even alive to experience it?   ...more Woman finds baseball card in attic and attempts to sell the 1869 card on eBay for $10. The 139 year old card is extremely rare.  This woman, who won $250,000 playing quarter slots in Tahoe, appears to have hit the jackpot again.
Christy MathewsonIt doesn't pay to steal baseball cards.  Elizabeth Dinan of writes about a city postal worker who stole a rare 1915 baseball card of Christy Mathewson that was sold on eBay. the story George Will Washington PostDoes the Golden Age of Baseball coincide with the Golden Age of Baseball Cards? George F. Will’s Washington Post article of Sunday, October 15, 2006 concludes that the Golden Age of Baseball is now.             Full Article Baseball Boss LogoBaseball Boss, a web-based, free online baseball game lets people build a fantasy baseball team from virtual baseball cards ...more
Winning comments on Josh Hamilton and Dan Uggla in the 2008 All Star game.  Steroids and errors are just some of the highlights. Topps sues Upper Deck over designs from the 1970s. Topps is seeking a court order to block Upper Deck from using its design and ordering Upper Deck to withdraw these cards. article. All Star Baseball Game Logo 2008The All Star Baseball Game needs a facelift.  Read about some suggestions that could rejuvenate the game.  ...more
The Perfect Game PosterThe movie "The Perfect Game" debuts August 8, 2008.  It's about the 1957 Little League World Series between the United States and Mexico.   ...See Trailer   Beckett Media is back on auction block just 3 1/2 years after N.Y.-based Apprise Media bought the company. Sources said that at least five companies are interested in buying Beckett, and that Beckett might fetch between $25-45M.   ...more
Matthew Broderick"Diminished Capacity" is set for release to a limited number of theaters on July 4th. Will it live up to its hype as a baseball card flick.   ...more The granddaddy of Baseball Card Blogs, "The Baseball Card Blog"  is calling it quits after this year. Who will take his place as the leader on this arcane subject?  Will new writers step in?  Will he reconsider? his comments Joe Tinker Baseball CardWhat lengths would kids go to to get baseball cards 100 years ago?  If we think we have smoking problems now, read about how it was back then, which leads to the real value of the Wagner card.
Sister Virginia Muller had never heard of Honus Wagner, but the nun acquired the Honus Wagner T206 and will donate the proceeds from the auction to the poor. ...Read the Story Claudia Cowan, a reporter for the San Francisco Bureau, writes that the baseball card industry is in a serious slump and that in 20 years people may not know what a baseball card is.  

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