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Topps 1966 Baseball Card Set - The World Turns from Black and White to Color
January 31, 2012

Color changed the way many people watched TV in a big way in 1966. Color also influenced the design of Topps 1966 Baseball Card Set. The world would never be the same as the 1950s anymore  ....more

The Best Baseball Team of All Time
February 17, 2012

Many people would say that the 1927 Yankees were the best team ever. Others may go with the 1929 Athletics or the 1906 Cubs, but another team of Major Leaguers from 1955 that few know about may have been the best team ever assembled.  ....more

Can Baseball Become an International Sport?
March 23, 2012

Baseball has recruited players from all of the world. Yet baseball, for the most part, is not very popular outside of America. Will the LPGA make golf the first real international sport with an international following?       ....more

Topps 1956 Gives Look at Extra Stars
April  3, 2012

Baseball cards come and go but the 1956 Topps set is one of the most unique sets ever produced. It is corny and quirky, funny and serious. Some of its best are hidden in the action shots where other players make cameo appearances.        ....more


Where Do Old Baseball Cards Go When They Die?
May  1, 2012

Do baseball cards have a life if their own? Where do they go when they die?        ....more



Topps 1967 Baseball Card Set - All You Need is Love
June 11, 2012

The year of 1967 was one of revolutionary cultural change. The Viet Nam War grew as the government tried to tell us everything was under control. The old was not mixing well with the new and clashes were evident around the country.  More than just love was needed.         ....more



The Crack of the Bat
July 16, 2012

The crack of the bat is a sound that we all know and cherish from our childhood to current day. As bats have evolved they have become lighter and more fragile. The new bats, however, have become possible weapons of destruction as they break into shards that one day will likely kill someone.       ....more


The First Social Network ─ Baseball Cards
 Aug 20, 2012

Facebook and video games appear to be the the methodology for social networking now and for some time to come. Will our kids learn the social graces to become good citizens? Will we ever experience the camaraderie that baseball card collecting provided? Do we care?       ....more


Digital Topps - Topps Pennant Baseball
 September 30, 2012

Topps enters the digital medium with an app for baseball statistics. It is lacking in more than just the fact that it has no baseball card images.       ....more


Checklist Cards - Necessary But Not Appreciated
 October 26, 2012

Topps did not offer checklist cards for the first sets of the 1950s. You never knew what card you would get, or what card you could never get. It did add a bit of mystery to the hobby.    ....more

Golden Age of Baseball Cards ─ Why Write About It?
 November 21, 2012

If I said I was writing about changes in culture nobody would read what I'm writing, so baseball cards gives me a setting that many older people can relate to and many younger people would or should like to learn about.    ....more

Golden Age of Baseball Cards ─ Merry Christmas
 December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas ...more