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The LPGA Can Teach Baseball a Lesson        
January 24, 2011

Sports are going international. Baseball, football, basketball and other major sports can learn from the LPGA because they will face some of the same problems eventually.  The LPGA is already international and is working through these issues.  How will this affect sports trading cards?  ...more

Topps 1962 Baseball Card Set - A Time to Dream         
February 15, 2011

Topps baseball cards were going to wood grain while the world was heading into the Space Race. It was a time to dream and everyone, including kids were very good at it.   ...more

Pitchers and Catchers Report         
March 4, 2011

We often think and read about Hall of Fame pitchers from the past, but how often do we think of the catchers that caught these great pitchers. Batterymates, one of the most important combinations on the team.   ....more

Do Autographs Increase the Value of Baseball Cards?        April 7, 2011

In some cases autographs increase the value of baseball cards and in some cases not, but almost always the emotional value of the item autographed is increased substantially and is most valuable to the person who obtained the autograph.     ...more

Topps 1963 Baseball Card Set - Dreams  Alive and Dreams Dashed          
May 26, 2011

Topps continued its dominance of the baseball card market in 1963, though Fleer reappeared. The country was proud and poised to regain its dominance. Civil rights were on the march. Education was the key... but then...     ....more

The Pace of the Game - 1960 to Present
June 27, 2011

It's really hard to compare how baseball was played 50 years ago to now. It just became a little easier now that we have the complete broadcast of the 1960 World Series available. Some of the comparisons are very surprising.     ....more

Made in America - Baseball Cards, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet 
July 6, 2011

In May of 2011 Topps revealed that they were extending the lease of their lower Manhattan offices for ten more years. They realized that in order to compete in today's business environment they need to have the input of workers and need to make decisions quickly.     ....more


Topps 1964 Baseball Card Set - The Times They Are a-Changin'  
August 9, 2011

Topps Baseball Card Set design for 1964 changed as usual; however, much more in the world was changing. Bob Dylan's lyrics had great meaning at the time and still have al lot of meaning today as well.    ....more

Which Came First - the Football Card or the Baseball Card?  
September 23, 2011

Baseball and baseball cards have been around a lot longer than football and football cards, but it is interesting to note that designs of "classic" baseball card sets may have been predated by football card sets.    ....more

Topps 1965 Baseball Card Set - The Great Society in the New Frontier   
October 31, 2011

Baseball in 1965 was undergoing change, just like the rest of the world. The Astrodome was symbolic of the direction of the nation. Baseball cards for the year were no exception.      ....more

What If Baseball Were Played Like Politics?    
November 17, 2011

Change is occurring more and more rapidly and the rules for everything seem to be up for grabs. Politics, in particular, seems to have a new direction. What if baseball were played like politics?     ....more

Will Baseball Cards Continue to Exist?    
December 12, 2011

Times changes. The everyday things we use change. Technology is more rapidly changing the way we live and how we live. Will baseball cards continue to exist in the near future?      ....more