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Oops!... I Did It Again – I bought another Beckett Baseball Price Guide   
January 8, 2009

The latest issue of the Beckett Baseball Card magazine and Price Guide show little changes over the last few years.  Is it serving the card collecting community the way it should?   ...more

Education Reform - What Role Will Baseball Cards Play?   
 February 4, 2009

Sputnik was in orbit.  Americans looked skyward in awe and fear. The result was the most educated population in the world.  What role did baseball cards play and what role can they play today?   ...more

How to Increase the Value of Baseball Cards    
 March 7, 2009

Baseball cards are produced in the millions and preserved in plastic. How will these relics increase in value if they never are actually used? We have some ideas.    ...more

Topps 1953 Baseball Card Set - Where Have All the Heroes Gone?   
 April 9, 2009

The release of the 1953 Topps Baseball Card Set coincided with the premiere of the first TV Guide. How was Topps going to compete in this year where childhood heroes could be found everywhere?    ...more

The Last Good Season: Brooklyn, the Dodgers and Their Final Pennant Race Together    
 May 1, 2009

The Last Good Season relates well to The Golden Age of Baseball Cards in that it is more than just about baseball.  It is history, politics, and culture packed into a month by month description of the 1956 baseball season     ...more

Baseball Card Time Warps ― and Other Marvels of the Mind    
 June 4, 2009

Everyone has time warps and baseball cards are magnificent triggers to times and places in your past. What will be your time warps in the future? How will baseball cards affect your mind? ...more

1954 Topps Baseball Card Set – Peace and Prosperity     
 July 28, 2009

Like many of the early Topps sets the 1954 edition was a classic in its own sense. See what it was like to rip a pack open back in 1954. The Baseball Card War was going on and both sides had casualties in that year.     ...more


Topps' Strikes Deal with Major League Baseball for Exclusive  Rights  
 August 6, 2009

Topps and MLB strike deal giving Topps exclusive rights to be the baseball card company of choice for Major League Baseball.   What does this mean for Upper Deck?  What does this mean for the future of baseball cards?     ...more

Baseball Boss Revisited – What a Difference a Day Makes   
 August 22, 2009

What a difference a day makes as baseball Boss continues to surprise. Virtual baseball cards, fantasy leagues and collecting options make this game a winner.       ...more

1955 Topps Baseball Card Set - Peace Continues as Topps Wins Baseball Card War    
 September 30, 2009

While peace reigns in the US Topps goes to war against Bowman for the rights to baseball player images.  In the end Topps prevails as they purchase Bowman and go for 30 years with a monopoly on baseball cards.  What else was going on at the time?       ...more

What is a Baseball Card? - Is It Art or a Commodity?     
 October 21, 2009

The meaning of what a baseball card is has changed over time. Is it art?  Is it a commodity?  What does it mean to the individual collector? Does encasing it in plastic enhance or preserve its value? Or, does it forever hide the true feelings from the beholder, never to touch it or see it in its natural state again.       ...more

Baseball Veterans in the War     
 November 11, 2009

In the distant past baseball was a game that players left to serve their country. Many served. A few died.  Some may have missed a chance for the Hall of Fame. Today the game is different, the men serving in the military are different and the country is different. There are many questions to ask, but few right answers rise to the surface.   ...more


Baseball Cards and the Fight Against Terrorism     
 December 10, 2009

Over time baseball card collecting has done pretty well in applying American principals to the adoration of sports personalities and the ups and downs of capitalism. Collecting can be viewed as either good or bad depending on the situation, but was pretty much innocuous as far as increasing the likelihood of a terrorist attack or negatively influencing the economy to such an extent that we, as a people, become vulnerable.    ...more