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Vintage Baseball Card Blog Archive 2008

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Baseball Cards on Steroids
January 9, 2008

With the steroid controversy clouding up the image of baseball, what can be said of baseball cards that have been enhanced so as to give a particular card an unfair advantage over others? Injecting cards with bat chips and uniform material certainly puts those cards on a different level. Are people buying the card or the bat chip? It’s hard to tell.
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The Worst Year for Baseball Cards – Topps 1958
February 7, 2008

Baseball cards were gaining in popularity in the early 1950s. Year after year they looked more and more amazing. They couldn’t compare to the cards of today, with glossy, clear photos, chrome highlights and super photography. The cards of 1952 and 1953 were pretty ordinary. The cards from 1954 and 1955 were almost replicas of each other except for the horizontal rather than vertical orientation, but better. Then in 1955 the magic occurred...
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Baseball Cards of Team Managers – Do Nice Guys Finish Last?
March 7, 2008

They don’t make as much money as players. They usually had very mediocre baseball careers. But, they often have played a substantial role in bringing out the best in their players and directing their teams to postseason play. But, not much is said for baseball cards of team managers. The manager is often the edge a good team needs to be great. Why then are there very few manager cards with significant value.
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1959 Fleer Ted Williams:  The Teddy Ballgame Baseball Card Set
April 1, 2008

It’s unusual to find a baseball card set honoring a player’s life while the player is still playing. Fleer did just that by signing Ted Williams away from #1 Topps in 1959 just two years after Williams electrified baseball again by hitting .388 at the age of 39. He would play another year before retiring, and would hit .316, with 29 home runs and a .645 slugging average — a career year for most players.
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Old Baseball Cards vs. Vintage Baseball Cards
May 1, 2008

Maybe it’s just semantics. But, I was wondering if my baseball cards from 40 to 50 years ago are vintage or just old. I’ve often referred to them as my old baseball cards in the shoeboxes. I’ve never said to myself, “I think I’ll look at my vintage baseball cards.” It just doesn’t sound right.
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Old Baseball Cards of Old-looking Players
June 1, 2008une 2008

In the Baseball Card Blog article from April 9, 2006, Ben Henry discussed the Topps Heritage sets. At one point he describes the 1957 card of Joe Adcock as that of someone who looks older than he really is. Adcock was 30 years old in the picture, but Ben felt that he looked much older, like from the barnstorming days. Anyone who remembers Adcock will agree that Ben is pretty close to being right about his comparisons, though I don’t really think Adcock looked old, he just looked weathered and tough.
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The Golden Age of Baseball and the Golden Age of Baseball Cards
July 4, 2008

Does the Golden Age of Baseball coincide with the Golden Age of Baseball Cards? George F. Will’s Washington Post article of Sunday, October 15, 2006 concludes that the Golden Age of Baseball is now.      ...Read Full Article

New Rule Suggestions for the All Star Baseball Game
July 20, 2008

The All Star Baseball Game needs a facelift.  Read about some suggestion that could rejuvenate the game.  ...more

Baseball Cards Save the Game of Baseball Itself
Aug 1, 2008

Did baseball cards save the game of baseball itself? Back in the 1950s the game wasn't really doing very well.  Attendance was down throughout the league.  Would television destroy the game? The baseball owners thought so.  ...more

Beckett Media – A Good Value to Those Who Value Baseball Cards
August 19, 2008

What did people do before Beckett came along and produced a periodical that informed people of the value of their baseball cards? Most likely the value was whatever you could get from a dealer or from someone at a card show.  There were no grading systems and the value of the card depended primarily on the demand at the time. ...more

The History of Baseball Cards of the Golden Age - Topps 1952
September 22, 2008

How did it all begin?  When did baseball cards really take off? Why is this time so important? What were you doing at the time?  Were you even alive to experience it?   ...more

Baseball Boss | Virtual Baseball Cards 
October 23, 2008

Why would someone who has dedicated their site to the “cardboard baseball gods” be interested in online images of baseball cards? The answer lies in the possible affect that these virtual cards will have on the individual. ...more


The Day Baseball Cards Lost Their Luster
November 24, 2008

At some point in one’s life a person reflects on those facets of their childhood that no longer seem to apply and gives them up for more mature endeavors.  When did the Golden Age of Baseball Cards end?  Why did it end?  What made cards from this era more valuable both emotionally and economically?     ...more

Topps 1959 Baseball Thrills  
December 10, 2008

How did kids find out about baseball history in the 1950s.  There were many books written, but they were mostly about players from the ‘30s and ‘40s.  There was TV, but television was more current news and live broadcasts than history lessons.  ...more