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Baseball Cards and Imagination
March 31, 2014

It was June 4, 1957. Vin Scully was a young broadcaster and the powerful Dodgers were playing the yet lowly Cubs. The color of the game comes through just as the images of the color cards from that year are etched in our minds. Take a trip back in time. Do you still have the patience to immerse yourself in the slow pace of the day? Bet you don't.  ...more

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The Men of the Game
January 16, 2014

The most recent Hall of Fame voting has made an important statement about baseball and its players, but if the primary goal of the player is to make money then we risk losing the essense of the game and it then becomes a business rather than a sport.  ...more


The Birth of the Golden Age of Baseball Cards
February 28, 2014

It was more than twenty years ago when I sat down to write about baseball cards for the first time. Nothing happened after that for another 14 years. But, it is interesting to see those first seeds of thought on paper that would ultimately grow into The Golden Age of Baseball Cards  ...more